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Instructor: Coach Joe Mangano   
Welcome to the North Stafford Football Team Site

Home of the 2011 & 2012 Commonwealth District Champions and the AAA Division 5 Northwest Region Champions.

First football team in Stafford County history to win back to back regional titles!

First football team in the history of Stafford County to play in back to back State Semifinals. 


Team Contacts
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Team Announcements
9th Grade and JV Game - Monday October 7th

Our 9th Grade and JV Games will be played Monday October 7th @ Colonial Forge High School this week.  9th grade starts at 5:30 and JV Starts at 7:00.  Sorry for the late notice. 

Coach Mangano 
1st Scrimmage @ Highland Springs
 First Scrimmage this year is Saturday August 10th @ 10:30 AM.  The Varsity will scrimmage Highlands Springs.  At 9:30 AM the JV will scrimmage Highland springs on their practice field.  Freshmen Team will not scrimmage. 
Players are to report to the high school by 6:45 AM.  We will depart for Highland Springs by 7:30 AM.   
Parent Meeting
 Football Parent meeting will be on Tuesday August 13th @ 7:00 PM.  We are slated to meet in the auditorium.  After the general meeting with all of athletics the football team will break off into room 452 and we will meet there.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Coach Mangano.  
Start of Practice Monday August 5th @ 7:00 AM for 9 - 12

First official day of football practice is Monday August 5th @ 7:00 AM.  This is for all players grades 9 - 12.  The players will need the following items 
1. Signed VHSL Physical form dated May 1st 2013 or after. 
2. Hydration Form 
3. Emergency Cards
4. Team Rules 

We will be passing this information out to players all week.  We will workout this week Monday - Thursday.  Next Week we will workout Monday & Tuesday.  The players will have the rest of the week off until Monday August 5th.  Parents if you have any urgent questions feel free to email me at manganojj@staffordschools.net or you can call me or text me on my mobile phone 
540-379-6992 - Coach Mangano Mobile Phone 

Little Wolverine Football Camp
 The North Stafford Football Little Wolverine Football Camp will be June 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th - Monday - Thursday. The price is $70.00.  Each camper gets a t-shirt and is coached by the North Stafford Coaches and Players.  If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Ages 5 - 14 (Rising 9th grade players too). 

540-379-6992 - Cell

9th Grade Parent Meeting Monday June 10th
 On Monday June 10th @ 7:00 PM there will be a rising 9th grade parent meeting in room 452.  Parents should park on the side of the bus ramp on come straight.  Room 452 is straight ahead next to cafeteria and gym. We will discuss upcoming summer schedule, workouts and overall expectations.  
1st Offer for Horton!
 Congratualtions to the Jae'Waun Horton who receieved his first offer yesterday from West Virginia Wesleyan.  Jae'Wuan is a returning 1st Team All District Selection and 1st Team All Area.  
NCAA Workshop Coach Cavanaugh Virginia Tech
 On Wednesday April 24th Jim Cavanaugh from Virginia Tech University will be giving a free NCAA Workshop/Seminar for all student athletes at North Stafford High Schoo.  Coach Cavanaugh has over 40 years of college coaching experience and has been on Virginina Techs football staff since 1996.  He has also held the role of recruiting coordinator.  

The workshop will take place at 7:00 PM in the auditorium.  
Workout Schedule - After Spring Break / 7 0n 7
 Starting the week of April 7th we will be working Mondays, Tuesdays, Wedensdays, Thursdays after school.  We will continue our character ed classes thursdays after we workout with Pastor Gastons.  We will begin 7 on 7 that Thursday when we return from break.  Players wishing to participate in 7 on 7 will have to make a minimum of 2 workouts a week and attend our character ed classes weekly.  
NCAA Warns of "3rd Parties with Recruiting"
 Parents - The NCAA is warning parents of 3rd pary people who claim to want to help your son get recruited but are charging a fee to do so.  Some warning signs from the NCAA
1. People that say they can get you "exposure".  Colleges are not allowed to attend 7 on 7 tournaments or combines.  Individuals can not get you exposure. 
2. Travel 7 on 7 Teams - There has been an increase in this over the years.  The NCAA warns of 3rd party people running these teams who claim to get your son exposure.  Remember college coaches are not allowed to attend 7 on 7 tournaments. 
3. Rise of 3rd party - The NCAA has learned from the AAU experience with basketball.  The NCAA does not want to have the same experience for football.  
4. Go right to your source.  Go to the your head coach or directly to a college coach.  3rd party people who charge a fee to do 7 on 7 tournaments or to workout are not needed.  Save your money.  
Recruiting and 7 on 7 - Know the facts...

Parents - Great write up about 7 on 7 and the growth of this.  As you can see the NCAA has put on some big time regulations.  Per this article

1. Colleges are no longer allowed to host 7 on 7 tournaments.  Illegal!
2. Colleges are prohibited from attending the event.
3. Be concerned when you get a 3rd party not involved at the high school level intervening and using phrases like "We can get your kid exposure".  "We can get him recruited".  If colleges can not attend a combine or 7 on 7 how can they get a player recruited.
Great read. Including this years class in five years we have sent off 20 players to play football at Division IA, IAA, II and III.  That is an average of 5 a year.  Over the course of the spring from April - May (Open contact period) we will have over 20 colleges come by the school.  If you want exposure focus on 3 things -
1. Academics - Do you know your son's current core GPA?  My guess is probably not.
2. FILM!! - I can send his HUDL link to hundreds of colleges in 30 seconds.  Do it all of the time.
3. One Day Camps - Workout on their campus for them up close.  Really Simple.  Good Read.
Be aware....   

7-on-7 Huddle

For high school athletic directors, early summer typically provides a respite from their football program. The growing popularity of 7-on-7 passing events, however, is changing that.

While 7-on-7 scholastic football camps and tournaments--those run by high school coaches--are still seen as a positive, the proliferation of 7-on-7 "all-star" squads is raising eyebrows. The concern is that these teams, which have no educational oversight, can be run by people promising college scholarships and may not be in the best interests of student-athletes.

Delegates at last summer's NFHS annual meeting last summer discussed the topic, and according to Executive Director Bob Gardner, one of the main worries is the way third parties can insert themselves into the recruiting process through the all-star teams. "The system that's been in place for a long time is one where high school football is the recruiting field for the college market, and it's worked well," he says. "Now that non-scholastic 7-on-7 camps have grown in importance, it's opened the door for people outside the educational community to get involved, and we don't see that as a good thing.

"Unsophisticated young people and parents who are unfamiliar with the recruiting process are easy prey for these individuals who promise a college scholarship for an athlete who plays on their team," continues Gardner.

The NCAA is also carefully watching the trend. "Over the past year, our enforcement staff has attended 7-on-7 tournaments in several states," says Marcus Wilson, NCAA Associate Director of Enforcement. "We've spoken to high school coaches and event organizers, and the primary concern is the involvement of third parties and scouting services. These outside individuals often tout themselves as having a relationship with a college coach that can enhance a player's chances of getting a scholarship."

The reality is that such individuals often offer no access to college coaches--who are prohibited from attending the events and are becoming more and more wary of them. "The potential for corruption stemming from third-party involvement is a big concern for us," says Tim Murphy, President of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and Head Football Coach at Harvard University. "A lot of high-profile college coaches, especially in the South, where 7-on-7 is growing quickly, are concerned about the direction this is going. High school football players do not need street agents brokering their services to colleges."

Murphy applauds the rule enacted by the Southeastern Conference last year that bars all non-scholastic camps from being held on member campuses. "What the SEC has done is a positive step, and should send a message loud and clear to athletes about what colleges think of these camps," he says. "The AFCA is legitimately concerned, and we will continue to work with our coaches to identify the best possible solutions."

In the meantime, how should high school athletic administrators and football coaches handle the situation? Jeff Dicus, Head Football Coach at Duncanville (Texas) High School, has responded by not allowing his players to participate on all-star 7-on-7 teams. He feels parents and student-athletes need to remember the critical role high school coaches play in recruiting.

"What a high school coach says about a player's work ethic, character, and academic abilities goes a long way with a college coach," he says. "These are all things colleges are looking for, and we're the ones who can really speak to that."

Terry Smith, Head Football Coach at Gateway (Pa.) High School, does not prohibit his players from considering all-star teams, but he does take time to vet the squads. "These non-scholastic teams can be a good thing or a bad thing," he says. "It all depends on who's running them. Adults need to do due diligence to make sure it's a good experience for the athletes.

"I look into any traveling team my players want to join," Smith continues. "First, I do an Internet search for the organizer's name, because if there's something negative about them or their operation, it's going to be out there. Then, I call coaches whose opinions I trust and ask if they've dealt with these individuals."

If he's still wary about letting an athlete compete for a non-scholastic team, Smith goes to the camp with his player and takes a look around. "Talking to the coach or the organizer of the event is useful," he says. "I ask if they're having discussions with players about things like their non-football career goals. If they're not, and it's only about football, I won't let my kids play at that camp. I can teach them how to get better at football on my own."

Salisbury Bound
Congratulations to Nathan Camden and Justin Field.  Nathan is an All District, All Area and 2nd Team All Region Center. Justin is also an All Area, All District, All Region and also a 2nd Team All State Offensive Lineman. Both players will be playing football next year at Salisbury University in MD.  
2/26 - School Board Recognize 2012 Varsity Football Team
 Players - Parents,

On Tuesday February 26th the Stafford County School Board will recognize the players and coaches of the 2012 North Stafford Football Team.  All players, coaches and parents are encouraged to come.  Players/coaches should be at the school board no later then 6:45 PM.  The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.  
Spring Workout Schedule AM WORKOUTS!!!
 While you were sleeping... We were working!! 

North Stafford Football team just completed our 2nd week of AM Workouts.  We have averaged between 40-50 players a workout.  We start our workouts at 6:00 AM and finish by 7:00 AM.  We will continue this AM workout schedule through the spring.  We are off until March 4th (Mandatory state wide dead period). We will pick up the week of Monday March 4th.  Our schedule will be: Mondays - Wednesdays - Thursdays.  This will continue until June.  2 a week in the afternoons we will have Skill work with position coaches.  We will begin the week of March 4th as well.  
For questions about skill work meet with your position coach. 


2012 Post Season Honors
The following North Stafford Football Players were recognized as All District/All Region and All State!

1st Team &
 2nd Team All District Selections 

Joey Slye - LB & Kicker
Brandon Ravenel - WR & KR 
Justin Field - OL 
Kwesie Dadzie - RB 
Ja'Wuan Horton - DE 
Anthony Shegog - DB 
Tom Vuckovich - OL 
Cody Farrell - DL 
Nathan Camden - OL 

1st & 2nd Team All Region AAA 
Justin Field - OL 
Nathan Camden - OL 
Brandon Ravenel - WR & KR 
Anthony Shegog - DB 
Joey Slye - LB & Kicker 

1st & 2nd Team All State AAA (VHSCA - Voted by the coaches) 
Branodn Ravenel - 1st Tam WR - 1st Team Kick Return - 2nd Team Punt Return
Anthony Shegog - 1st Team Defensive Back
Justin Field - 2nd Team Offensive Line
Joey Slye - 2nd Team Kicker 

2013 Football Players Sign
 Congratulations to the following football players who have signed for 2013 

Darnell Parker - Saint Augustine's University - North Carolina 

Anthony Shegog - Virginia Tech University - Virginia

Brandon Ravenel - James Madison University - Virginia 

Welcome to the North Stafford Football Team Site

Home of the 2011 & 2012 Commonwealth District Champions and the AAA Division 5 Northwest Region Champions.

First football team in stafford county history to win back to back regional titles!

First football team in the history of stafford county to play in back to back State Semifinals. 


Support Pancho Villa
The North Stafford Football Team would like to thank Pancho Villa for sponsoring our football team.  Like Pancho villa on facebook or go to www.PANCHOVILLA.COM!
2011 Commonwealth Champions & Northwest Region Champions!
North Stafford Football

Home of the 2011 Commonwealth District Champions & Northwest Region AAA Divsion 5 Champions! 

Go to www.northstaffordfootball.com

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